Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Tott? What does it mean?

Hello Readers,

I have had my first request from a reader to define what TOTT is.

Tott stands for Top Of The Tree.

In essence, being at the top of the tree is a mindset and not necessarily literal (unless that is your thing LOL). 

Being at the top of the tree is a much nicer thought than being at the apex of a triangle or pyramid because trees are unique, natural and come in different shapes and sizes.

Trees are nurturing and provide food and oxygen for living creatures.
Trees can act as a shield against natural and unnatural elements.
Trees can absorb that which we do not need.

The idea of being TOTT is that whilst you might be ahead of others they are still recieving the goodness from the tree but are perhaps comfortable with being in the middle or bottom of the tree. On the other hand, you are at aiming for the top of the tree so that you are able to enjoy the wonderful views and revel in being highly sought after/challenging to obtain.
I hope my definition is universal and helps you all as you read my blog.

My advice would be to make the definition of TOTT personal to you. You are welcome to share your opinions on what you think TOTT is. With your permission, I might add some of the stand-out comments to this post.

Lady Tott

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