Wednesday, 10 October 2012

14 things I have learned during 'Freshers Week'

Hello Readers,

Following a demanding and unbelievable 'Freshers Week', here is a list of fourteen things I learned about my university and will try to remember during my time here...

  1. Imposter Syndrome is REAL - This is when you as a student feel that your Oxbridge university of choice has made a mistake in offering you a place to study there. It is advisable to get over this syndrome as there is no record of Oxbridge ever making such a mistake.
  2. The Oxbridge rivalry is REAL - You can see this as comical or take it seriously. Cambridge students refer to Oxford as 'the other place' and Oxford students refer to Cambridge students as 'Tabs'. From the outside looking in, those labels do not hold much offensive weight however, from the inside the labels do hold weight and are offensive ^_^.
  3. Magdalene College or Magdalen (Oxford) is pronouced Mawd-lin.
  4. Cambridge girls will leave university with either a first (degree), a blue (sports) or a husband. - Make of that what you will.
  5. Work starts from the moment you arrive. Yes, even during 'Freshers Week' you need to meet with your DOS, Tutor and sometimes lecturers. You will recieve your timetable and invitations to Freshers events.
  6. Every student gets a pigeon hole for their incoming mail.
  7. The Freshers Fair is a spectacular affair but will require queuing (something the British are good at) so it is advisable to wear flat shoes.
  8. Everyone is in the same boat whether that be Undergraduates, Masters Students or PHD students. Everyone wants to make friends and make the most of their university experience.
  9. Cambridge has a diverse mix of students from all over the world and from different backgrounds. Recent statistics show that a whopping 60% of Cambridge students come from 'State-School' backgrounds.
  10. Freshers Flu is REAL or is it? I have reasons to believe that had I not known of such a thing, any symptoms experienced would be dismissed as a common cold.
  11. It is better to purchase a university gown than to rent one.
  12. Although this is an extreme generalisation, I do believe that the vast majority of people in this city are friendly. If I was to compare it to London, I would say that the men are happy to display gentlemanly behaviour.
  13. One cannot escape the stark reality of the less fortunate who are living rough on the streets of this city. For the most part, this city feels like a bubble but it would be foolish to ignore the plight of others.
  14. In the words of one of the tutors at my college "Do it now and Do it well". Join as many societies as you can manage, go punting, start your own society, attend events, speak to people sitting in the corner nursing their drinks and most of all be proud of being at such a prestigious university.
~ Lady Tott ~

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