Monday, 3 December 2012

Michaelmas 2012 is over – Lessons learned

Hello readers,

Yes it is true! Michaelmas 2012 is over.
This TOTTy is well and truly exhausted!

I must apologise for not blogging during the Michaelmas term but not even I (a Londoner who is used to a life in the fast lane) could have predicted that I would have no time to blog. Or perhaps I didn't use my time effectively.
The eight short and intense weeks of Michaelmas 2012 have flown by and to be perfectly honest with you, I am not sure where to. ^_^.

My brain is still very much switched on toward academic study and although Oxbridge students have “long vacations” it is hard to switch off and relax. I do believe that I will be able to relax when I see the jolly faces of my family members (and doggy) upon my return to London. The two week countdown starts now!

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My lovely readers, I have learned a great deal while being in Cambridge for 8 weeks.
For the time being, I will leave out the academic lesson and focus on the personal lessons that I have learned over the past eight weeks. The lessons below will be "fleshed out" in a future posts (don’t worry you will not have to wait eight more weeks for those posts LOL).

  1. Work/Life balance is a fundamental part of Oxbridge student life. I mentioned this in a previous post but it is important to do what you love and do it well. There is not a barometer for how many societies and activites one can be involved in. I learned that Work/Life balance aids me in excelling in Work and excelling in Life.
  2. Be upfront (to the correct people) about your ambitions, achievements and areas for improvement. Admit your goals to yourself first and foremost before telling anyone else. Unfortunately, I have made this mistake one to many times. The lesson has been illuminated to me during the past eight weeks and now darlings, I know who to speak with and who to be elusive to.
  3. The manner in which people unwind is different for everyone. Do not feel you have to give into social pressures to attend certain events or partake in certain activities. Most importantly, do not feel you have to invite all of your new found 'friends' to events. Some students like to drink, some students like to date, some students like to hang glide, some like to spend their hours of unwinding in their colleges. It is uncouth to dictate how one should spend their time and to make others feel inadequte about how they spend their time. 
  4. Be observant of behaviour. People have a habit of revealing themselves and their intentions from “hello”.  This links to lesson two.
Some may find the lessons above to be commonsensical however, one must remember that it is easy to forget “common sense” values when faced with new environments, people and challenges. 
My best friend reminded me countless times about some of lessons but yes, even I forgot to adhere to her kind words.

I believe that there is no time like to present to start implementing the values learned from these lessons.

I have already started and look forward to using these habits whilst I navigate my way through life as a Cantabrigian.

~ Lady Tott ~

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