Tuesday, 28 August 2012

What this blog is not...

Hello readers,

As the lady of this blog, I will not tolerate spam comments, negative comments, discriminating comments, foul language or attacks on blog owners, fellow readers/commenters (Totties) or people in the public eye.

TottforMe is not a free space for all.

Discernment and constructive criticism are welcome here for example: A person is the public eye (who is supposed to be a role model) is seen to be embracing derogatory and demeaning ways.
However, Tott mentality does not dwell on this especially if the person is a lost cause. Top Of The Tree for Me readers or Totties pick and choose their battles but would rather not fight at all.

If you do not identify with this blog then you are welcome to ignore it.

This blog does not identify with feminist (radical, separatist, post mod, etc...) ideology but it is understandable that some of the messages from this blog might resonate with feminists such as Liberal feminists. The same applies to MRA or Men's Rights Activists.

Love from Lady Tott

p.s. This blog post will be edited at a later date