Tuesday, 28 August 2012

What this blog is...

Hello readers,

Top of The Tree For Me or Tottforme is a blog that aims to be a safe space for women who think like me or identify with me (see blog post titled introducing Lady Tott).

Men are welcome here.

This blog will be written for women and so will the blog posts unless indicated otherwise.


A vast number of themes and subjects will be discussed here but hopefully the overall feeling of each blog post will be to get to the Top of The Tree.

Tott For Me will document my own journey toward being Top Of The Tree but please understand that I will not document every aspect of my journey because I am generally a discreet person.

This blog is for women who believe they can reach their goals (whether it be in love, education, friendships, career, etc...) whilst maintaining or wanting to maintain their feminine nature and being respectful to others.

I want to encourage readers to find the beauty in everything and to be discerning with the information that they allow to enter their space (including this blog). 

Love from Lady Tott

p.s. This post will be edited at a later date