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2012 – Review of a fantastic and poignant year!

Dear Readers,

2012 is over! Can you believe it?

Apparently, the world was supposed to end on Friday 21st December 2012. I find it interesting that the media outlets (including reputable broadsheets) used scientific information to back up the prediction.
I read stories of people stocking up on food and spending life savings in preparation for the fateful day. I can admit that I briefly thought “what if it does happen” only to become distracted by preparations for my trip to London for the Christmas holidays.

Friday December 21st 2012 came and went by very quickly (well…it is the shortest day of the year in the Western Hemisphere ^_^).  On December 22nd the same 'fear-mongering' media outlets stated that the Mayan prediction had been misinterpreted and the prediction can now be described as the “end of an era” or “transition from one state to another”. LOL. Information! Information! Information! (see below)...

This year has been exceptionally inspiring starting with the letter of acceptance from my university in January 2012 to being a part of the collective positive attitudes of the British people towards the diamond jubilee celebrations and for London hosting the Olympic and Paralympics games.
It was fantastic to watch people from a variety of backgrounds working hard to represent their countries in challenging events. I saw that the athletes had a desire to compete in the competitions and visualised being successful. Their positive mental attitudes were infectious to all who observed their actions.
A prime example of this (and a TOTT role model) is the clever and talented Miss Serena Williams. Miss Williams came back from a life threatening illness to win double Olympic gold in tennis and two grand slams all in one year. Best of all, she is always humble and looks like she is having fun playing tennis.

This year has also been very moving from the deaths of exceptionally talented people (Such as: Whitney Houston, Etta James, Donna Summer, Dave Brubeck and sadly many more…) to the devastating acts of selfish people taking the lives of others that have rendered the world speechless and caused families to lose their loved ones before their time.
2012 was a year of achievement and gratitude. TOTT questions to ask yourself could include: Do you TRULY live every day to the fullest? Are you happy with your current job, friendship group or partner? Are you thankful for the blessings that you receive such as being able to speak multiple languages or just being able to live life as an able-bodied person?

2012 was most certainly the year of information. This year presented a great deal of information that required a discerning mind in order to filter through the junk and to find the chunks of gold.

I have a feeling 2013 will be the same.

Here is an example of information shared from one person to another regarding a topic that is close to many peoples hearts especially at this time of the year - Diets.
The person sharing the information feels like they are doing the listener a favour by sharing but it is easy to see that the benefits arising from information sharing rely on the reactions and actions of the sharer and the listener:

Person A: I would love to try a dieting plan can you recommend one for me?
Person B: Look at the first three letter of the word diet. D.I.E. Diets do not work.
Person A: Why?
Person B: Because obesity is a growing epidemic. You only need to look outside to see how bad the obesity situation is.
Person A: Oh! Perhaps, people are expecting quick results rather than sticking at the diet for the duration of the course.
Person B: No! The health industry is only interested in making money off of vulnerable people. I should know! I tried dieting and it didn’t work for me instead I put on weight and became ill.
Person A: I am sorry to hear that it didn’t work out for you. How long did you try it for?
Person B: A week, but it doesn’t matter. I regret spending money on a diet plan and being scammed into thinking it would work. All I wanted to do was lose a stone before Christmas.

This scenario reminds me of a quote from Steve Siebold “Diets work, people don’t”.
The lessons learned from this example can be applied to different aspects of obtaining goals.
To paraphrase Mr Siebold, there will always be industry and people profiting on fixing the symptoms rather than preventing the problem or curing the problem. You can either choose to recognise the ‘conflicts of interest within the health industry’ and use it to your advantage or you can continue to blame the health industry for your faults and for ‘capitalising on the predictability of human behaviour’.

Lovely readers, it is my hope that 2012 was a phenomenal year for you. We have been given another year to improve on our goals and to create even more opportunities for the future.

So, we say Goodnight 2012 and Good morning 2013.

~Lady Tott~

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